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Hi, my name is Vanessa

Are you overwhelmed trying to find new resources to move your mission forward? Piles of grant application deadlines collecting on the calendar and no staff to do them? Lack of staff causing you to spend too much time on fundraising administrative tasks? Not clear on the difference between your value and your impact? These are real issues experienced by many nonprofits. Thankfully, there is a solution.

After working as a fundraising professional for over 15 years, I have witnessed what works and what doesn't work in terms of writing those magic words to ask for money, simply communicating an organization’s value and knowing the most cost efficient ways to handle fundraising administrative tasks.

Curious how you can make time to increase your own impact? Book a 30 minute free consultation and we’ll explore the possibility.



Vanessa is a ROCK STAR at supporting businesses and organizations in their quest to find financial resources. Her business is built on years of experience working with non-profit  organizations and she is an amazing resource. Vanessa has a perky positive attitude that is not just genuine but contagious!

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Vanessa’s knowledge, skills, and guidance have been instrumental in No Time for That’s success and my personal development as a young businesswoman and professional in the non-profit sector. She doesn't waste any time and always has your best interests in mind. I truly look up to Vanessa, she is such an incredible role model with genuine passion and a huge heart.

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Your Impact Partner


The Path to Success

Writing grants is more than putting words to paper and praying for a result. Knowing your organization’s value and impact are important first steps. Are you even ready to submit grant applications? Researching grants and strategically crafting a strong application also takes time. Lacking the resources and/or knowledge? Book a 30 minute free consultation to start a conversation.

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A Comprehensive Approach

Did you know your organization’s story begins with your overall vision? In order to apply for funding you must have a clear idea what the problem is that your organization would like to solve. Not sure where to start or have a hard time telling others why you need funding. Book a 30 minute free consultation to start exploring your vision..

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Funding for the Future

Trying to manage the administrative tasks at your smaller nonprofit takes away from the time you can spend building those important relationships. Things like database management, developing and executing a stewardship plan and running tax receipts are some of those necessary evils. Need an extra set of administrative hands? Book a 30 minute free consultation to see if my hands can help.

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Expert Guidance

My clients are my number one priority, and my services prove just how committed I am to their success. Currently open to working with clients on special events providing they fit within all current Covid-19 protocols.  Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about how I can make your business thrive.