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Removing the barriers to accessing Grant Funding



Simply Written. Simply Funded. Simply Vanessa Burns Consulting.

Vanessa's purpose is simple - to help you secure grant funding to grow your impact.

Through researching, writing, proofreading, and coaching, Vanessa provides a one stop grant shop. A proud member of the Grant Professionals Association Vanessa aims to deliver a higher standard of practice within the grant writing space. Vanessa has close to 20 years fundraising experience, is an avid rock and ice climber and believes that nothing happens in the comfort zone.

Navigating the world of grants is complicated. Let Vanessa simplify your journey.

We love collaborating with those who share similar values and always have our client’s best interest at heart. After all, we believe in delivering consulting services with a little heart as reflected in our logo.

Curious how you can make a greater impact?

Book a 30 minute free consultation and we’ll explore the possibilities.


Vanessa is a ROCK STAR at supporting businesses and organizations in their quest to find financial resources. Her business is built on years of experience working with non-profit  organizations and she is an amazing resource. Vanessa has a perky positive attitude that is not just genuine but contagious!

Bernice Williams 

Intentional Connections

This is where Vanessa comes in. She showed Dar how the CanadaHelps site worked and we found out who our donors were. I’m blown away by this information. Love it! Wela’liek (Thank you) Vanessa for helping us navigate through this site. So grateful!

Rosie Sylliboy


Vanessa has an innate ability to take large amounts of information and perfectly synthesize it for potential funders. She understands what makes a strong application and brings that understanding to her clients.

Helen Dolan

Discovery Centre

Vanessa! You are magic. It's amazing how quickly you work and just goes to show how much of a pro you are! Thanks a million. You rock!

Terry Kelly

Performing Artist



GROW Your Impact

Are you 100% ready to submit grant applications? Writing grants is more than putting words to paper and praying for a result. Knowing your organization’s value and impact are important first steps. Researching grants and strategically crafting a strong application also takes time. Lacking the resources and/or knowledge? Book a 30 minute free consultation to start a conversation.

Person Writing


SHOW Your Impact

Did you know your organization’s story begins with your overall vision? In order to apply for funding you must have a clear idea what the problem is that your organization would like to solve. Not sure where to start or have a hard time telling others why you need funding. Book a 30 minute free consultation to start exploring your vision..



PLAN your Impact

Looking to be more effective with your fundraising efforts? Need to diversify your revenue streams? Not sure how to start a fundraising program at your organization? This is the place for you. Book a 30 minute free consultation to get started.

Image by Katt Yukawa
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